Imaging a world that everyone can create a business and life they love.

I’m Zoey Kao and I’m the creator, writer, and owner of Zoeyk.co.
My background is in graphic design, writing and content strategy. I’ve spent the last five years traveling the world and photographing, filming, and writing about my experiences.

I majored in fashion design at Shin Chein University (one of the top schools in this field in Taiwan) While attending school, I worked full time as a graphic designer.

Upon completing college, I realized I needed to find a career that would allow me to pursue a life of traveling and blogging, thankfully, I was pursued by TripMoment and was given a job as a remote employee.

After a year, more and more friends started to ask me: “How can I travel to different places while having a stable income?”

I realized that a lot of Taiwanese (especially millennials) are unhappy with their jobs, statistics show that over 71% of Taiwanese feel work has consumed their lives leaving little to no time for personal time. People want to do the work they love and have the freedom to travel and be in control of their schedule but lack the courage, opportunity, and knowledge of how to get it. I began to realize I should start sharing my knowledge of how to successfully and suitably live this lifestyle.

My vision to change the world

“Imaging a world that everyone can create a business and life they love…how awesome would that be?”

I started to have this vision of changing the world (at least in Taiwan) by teaching people how to create an online business by selling or doing what they love.

My plan is to start an organization or an online academy that focus on 2 things:

1) Mindset and Courage
2) Skill and Knowledge

they are equally important when it comes to starting a business.

Mindset and Courage

Most of Taiwanese are struggling with self-confidence compared to Americans or Europeans. We are typically more introverted, we don’t stand up for our selves enough.
Unfortunately, our school system has a culture of force its students to be subservient. As a result, I push my friends and clients to build their self-confidence to cultivate the right mindset to be an entrepreneur.

Skill and Knowledge

Roadmaps, tools, action-based tips, business plan, and strategies…I teach people how to find their passions and turn them into products or services. I’m also working on teaching people how to create their own online empire, build a profitable business, and then make it grow while remaining stable. To do this I would like to create step-by-step courses for people to get started.

How I accomplish my goals

1) Gathering Knowledge

I’m mainly self-taught and acquired my business and marketing skills by reading books, listening to related podcasts, and attending workshops. There are some other programs I’d like to join, but they are currently outside of my budget.

2) Build a thriving community

5 months ago I created a Facebook group which focused on the topic of “how to design a life you love”, I used this group to help people gain their courage and Knowledge by sharing my content strategies and business tips. I’ve also started interview guests to share their insights as well.

3) Pre-sell my idea

I planned to pre-sell an online course on Hahow (one of the top Taiwanese local crowdfunding education platform) to test the waters and see how to make the future program bigger and better.

4) Find partners

I would love to find some partners who have similar ambitions/ goals and would like to join forces.

5) Build the online academy

While I’m a competent web designer and have some coding skills, I’d like to hire a team to make the web content effortless to use.

6) Create the courses

Ideally, these would be 3-month courses that the customers can access anywhere, as long as they have a laptop and wifi.

The brief concept of  the first 6 learning modules will be :

1 – Find your “why”, your passion, and validate your idea
2 – Before we start: branding and market research
3 – Create your services or products
4 – Technical savvy: website, social media and more
5 – Marketing 101: promotion, sell and grow
6 – Maintain and upgrade: set up your workflow, systems, and automation.

7) Make it better and frequent updates:)

I plan to keep updating the content and software to keep it relevant and easy to use for my clients. Once they join the courses, they can have lifetime access to the program, and grow along with this online academy.


Support and mentorship I need

1) In-depth Knowledge

Programs I currently can’t afford but would like to join:

Marie Forleo’s B school program
Courses that Convert – By Amy Porterfield
The Influence Academy – By Julie Solomon 

2) Mentorship I need

Business Model Consultants
Business Plan Consultants
Startup Funding Consultants
Market Research Analysts
User Experience Researchers
User Flow Designers

I’m already in the process of creating this program, but I’m in need of more training, time and therefore capital. I also need a business coach who can walk me through all the steps.

My Testimonies

I started my blog 6 months ago because I truly believed that if you really want something, the universe will help you to achieve it. Like many entrepreneurs, I started from the ground, making 0 money from this project and hustling between my full-time day job while trying to learn everything I can on my own.

While it hasn’t been easy, its been extremely rewarding and I know I have the drive and ability to reach my goals. Winning this scholarship would be very helpful as it would allow me to consult with your incredible mentors and give the capital necessary to get this project off the ground and moving at a healthy pace.


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